Fender bender, please answer ASAP?

I got into a fender bender a couple days ago in a parking lot. I backed out and didn't see someone was behind me. My car has no damage, but the side of their car was dented. it wasn't too bad. Neither of us wanted to call the cops, but she ended up doing so, but the police didn't send anyone. I gave her my personal info, my insurance, etc. What can she do with that information? I live in Michigan.

She also said that she would file saying that she wasn't in the car when she was hit, that didn't work because she then contacted me. I'm 17 and I haven't told my parents yet. The person I hit texted me for my parent's number, I don't know what to do because I don't want to tell my parents. Is there anything I can do or she can do without my parents invovled? Can she contact my insurance whom will then inform my parents?



You need to talk to your parents and you need to call your insurance company.

For future reference, you should get the other person's name, address and phone number, their driver's license number and insurance info. If you have a camera or cell phone, you should take a picture of the license plate of the other vehicle as well as the damage to both your vehicle and your own, from many angles. You should call the police to file an accident report, or in cases like this where it's a minor incident, go to the police immediately to file an accident report. And your fault or the other person's, you should always call your own insurance company and report the accident as well as the details I've mentioned above. All of this will help give the insurance adjuster information to help them do their job to the best of their ability as well as to protect you from being taken advantage of as well as from fraud. This is just one part of being a responsible driver. Keep a notepad and a pen in your glove box so you have something to write down these details.


Tell your parents. Be responsible for once. It'll just hurt you harder in the long run the longer you go without telling them. Unless you paid for your vehicle, pay your insurance, and don't live with your parents, then I'd say it's no business for her to have your parents number. But, I'm sure you are not in any of these categories, so suck it up and tell em, otherwise, they'll find out on their own and then you're really up **** creek.


The police would not come to a parking lot anyway (private property). I would let your parents know, because what will happen is the other lady will file a claim with her insurance and they will contact you. Because you are a minor, they will need your parents permission to talk to you, so they find out. Or, the other thing is the other driver will call your insurance and file a claim, your insurance calls to verify, your parents find out. Or, you handle the claim with the the insurance without your parents knowing and when the policy renews and the premiums go up, your parents find out.

Why are you scared to have your parents find out? I would fess up now, best to not blindside them. I know because I have been the one to call the parents when a claim has been filed.


get over it, tell your parents, you are to young, even the insurance cannot work with you directly, it does not matter what you want, what matters is your parents need to know,and you should have already told them, being decitfull has done one thing for you this week, its proven you are still irresponsible, and immature had my daughter done this, , she would be enjoying her new ride, the transit bus. You made your parents sad, you betrayed the trust they placed in you, over something so stupid. sorry but next time, make a better choice.


ur f**ked


You MUST tell your parents. Do you want them to continue to trust you? Because if you don't tell them, your insurance company will.


You were backing without looking so it's clearly your fault. You always look the direction you are moving, which means turn around and look, not rely on mirrors.

At 17 you are obviously on your parents policy, so you will have to tell them so they can notify the insurance so they can pay for the damage you did.