My car is totaled, His fault, now i am out a car?

I was rear ended at a stoplight. Kid (20) was talking on his cell phone and did not even brake. Totaled my Chevy Equinox. No injuries. Insurance is paying off the car and all that.

But my question is, am i entitled to any compensation for my loss of vehicle?

I mean "boom" and my vehicle is gone, they pay it off, but now i have no vehicle? I paid 15,000 dollars on that car over the last 4 years, and some punk kid on his cell phone basically takes it away from me? Is there any kind of restitution for my loss of vehicle and monies i have paid toward it? Or am i poop out of luck?

Oh and this was in Alaska if that matters.


I think she is a stupid








LOL.. It always makes me laugh when people say this.

Let me get this straight.. you think it is fair for them to not only pay off your loan.. but get you a new car as well?! That is so funny.

Insurance is supposed to make you equal to the place you were at.. not better. If they paid for a new car you would be better off because you would have a car and no car payment.

It's simply.. they paid off your loan. Now, you can go and get a new loan and new car... BAM.. your in the same exact place as before. You have a car you are making payments on just like you did before the accident.

How is this so difficult for people to understand?