Do you make your kids buckle up before you even start your vehicle up?

Ok i just asked a question in regards to the death of my 11 year old cousin. There was one person that said She was old enough, she should have put it on (Yea she should have put her seatbelt on but any mother should enforce their kids to wear seatbelts even if they do not want to wear them)

As a mother i make sure a seatbelt in around my son. He sometimes don't want to wear one but he has too and i will not drive without him being buckled up.

What do you all think about that person implying like it was my cousins fault?


I don't have kids but it's the first thing I do when I get into my car.


yep. i fasten my 3 year old in before i get in. and my 12 year old is buckled in before the vehicle starts. both know not to unbuckle before the engine shuts off too.


It's not just kids, but anyone riding in your vehicle should wear seat belts - and you should wait until they fasten them before starting to drive. This is not only for safety reasons, in many states you can be fines if seat belts are not being worn.