Questions about my car before my DMV drive test...?

So I'm taking the test on Friday. However, the website states that the vehicle "have no warning lights showing -for example, the airbag warning light." My car does have the SRS light on because I had the airbags replaced and all that. But the airbags are there and it passed inspection in order to get the license plates. I could get it removed but it would cost about 70$... The light is there, but the problem isn't. Do you think they can stop me from taking the drive test because of this ?

-98 acura integra

- I live in California (if that helps)



They made me leave because I had a back light out on my car but I didn't legally have to have it. They check all ur lights and usually don't care what u say to them. U might wanna have some one unhook the fuse for it since u know it works it would save time and money


nahh just explain to them what it means and that there's no danger, mine is the same way and they let me take my test.


The rule is clear; no warning lights. The tester can't verify if you're giving him BS, nor should he have to.


maybe you can remove a fuse to make the light go out.