Is Nissan 240sx expensive to insure?

Is 89-93 240sx (S13) expensive to insure? I am 16. I would put this car under my mom's insurance. She never had an accident, ticket, etc. Also I never took drugs or any stuff like that, never been pulled over or something if it matters insuring a car.


No, that would be very cheap to insure. But remember, the main cost is the liability, since you're 16. That's the expensive part, the insurance for the people you hit. Hope you don't.


Help yourself - you can check your quotes in internet, for example here -


my suggesting would be getting as much information as you can before taking any action,here

is a good place for that purpose.


well she would still have to put your name down as some one who drives it so it want be much cheaper... saying that.. yes it will be expensive its a sports car a damn badass one at that... you can go to geico .com or proggresive or any car insurance website and get a free quote.. it tells you how much it would be on what ever car you pick with your age and tickets etc.