Driving without insurance?

I'm 19 and i'm bored. My parents are out and my dad has a 3.0 liter car in the drive which is insured. I was wondering, if i drive it around the block and back what would happen.


Hi Dale,

I am a retired traffic policeman.

I got bored now and then.

I see a young man driving a 3ltr car. Hey I have just got interested.

So I stop you.

You are a named driver on your fathers insurance and have a full licence. NFA

Not a full licence holder or not insured for that vehicle? You will get taken through the court system, no licence, no insurance and if Dad is not immediately available as an insured driver of that car I am seizing it. Deep joy, recovery fees etc.

The Big Issue now comes, as a question for your Dad, did he give you authority to take that car or did you 'steal' it.

1. Dad says you could drive it - Dad is guilty of the offence of permitting driving without licence and insurance. At least 6 points on his licence and a very steep rise in his insurance premium on renewal.

2. Dad says you did not have permission to drive it. - You are guilty of Theft. (TWOC Taking Without Owners Consent - is an offence under the Theft Act

You are still guilty of no drivers licence and no insurance with the resultant points on your licence but in addition you now have a conviction for theft. Explain that away to any future employer!

Still bored?


what are you talking about?if the car is uninsured leave it alone/if you are excluded sit down someplace and do something else


This is an offensive for which you would get a very large fine and possible prison sentence. If something happens you are totally liable and if you die, your parents are liable. Not worth it mate.


If the car is insured, and you have his permission to drive it, and you have a valid license, and are listed as an additional driver on his insurance, nothing would happen. But it doesn't sound like you have his permission.


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Well if u get caught you will be banned from driving, you might get in an accident to which YOUR not insured, plus your parents obviously trust you enough NOT to do it, so don't! For your safety rather than others could you live with someone's life on your hands weather you was being careful or not?!?


If something was to happen, like a bored kid bagging his dad's car and running into you, you will look like an idiot. If you are the bored kid bagging his dad's car and something happens, you parents might have to choose between charging you with auto theft or having their behinds sued off. If you are bored, go look at some porn, then when they catch you, you will only get a spanking


If you were to be caught, you'd be done for driving without insurance which typically carries 6-8 points and a fine of around £200. You would also be done for taking a vehicle without the owner's consent, which is another serious offence offence and you could end up in court for it.

A 19yr old lad driving a 3 litre car around would arouse the suspicion of any passing copper, so expect to be pulled over if there's one around. Sod's law says there probably will be, if your luck is anything like mine these days!

Would not advise you to even try.