Had oil change and now my cars temp gauge is running high. what is the problem?

I just had a oil change and know my temp gauge is running high. I have a chevy malibu and its never did this until these guys changed my oil. Im not do for a flush yet either!


If the guys opened your radiator cap to check it, they might have left it off or loose.


1 everyone.should know how to check their oil...tranny fluid...coolant

2 can't be bothered? than you should know someone who can...BF,,husband,,GF,

got none,[sorry 4 u] try local private shop,,,like where you get oil changed,,,I don't like quicky lube because the "mechanic" there was asking if you want fries at his last job,,,

try auto parts stores,,,go in plead ignorance [with a smile] say my cars acting funny..IDK if it nees oil or coolant or what,,can u help me...usually if not to busy they will help u


Even after an oil change, it is your responsibility to check your fluids. Sometimes they screw up and you don't have enough oil, or they didn't put the plug on correctly and oil leaks out.

Check you fluid levels. The oil at the dipstick and the coolant at the radiator when the engine is cooled down.


Engine coolant level okay?