After jump starting car how long will battery last?

My car battery has just died and im in work, if i get a jump start how long will the battery last one journey or will the jump start revigorate the batterys life.


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The jump start will allow your engine to turn on from the supply of electricity. Once you begin to run the car the battery recharges itself from excess engine power. You will be able to go however long you want!


Don't know just hurry up and get where u need to go ! LOL


depends on the age of the battery the length of your trip home and how dead the battery was


It will last for 1 start. You wont be able to restart it again without a secnd jump. Have someone jump your car after work and drive it to a shop and get the battery replaced


Until you get home. Your battery is only used when your car is off, and to start the vehicle. Your vehicle doesn't use the battery at all when it is on. You need a new battery.


Depends on why the battery is going dead if it has a dead cell it will run down if the car is sitting. Go to auto zone and get it tested


If the battery is good and your vehicles alternator is working properly it will recharge the battery after about a half hour of driving, I would suggest after you get it jump started to stop at autozone or someplace and get the charging system checked to make sure your battery and alternator are good.


If your alternator is working correctly then your trip to or from work should be more than enough to charge it but if your alternator is malfunctioning then it will die again. You can go to an automotive parts chain to have it tested for free if it's not the problem tell them to test the solenoid also. P.S. Don't forget to check if your battery posts and cables are clean.