My handbrake has to be put on really high, before it was put in for a service it was low, does it need fixing?

my car is Peugeot 206. than hand brake was really low, then i put it into garage for brake pads and my handbrake came back really high. instead of needing 3 or 4 clicks, it needs about15


they forgot to set the handbrake , it is self adjusting , put your foot on the footbrake then pull up the handbrake, and release the footbrake do this quite a few times and it will self adjust


probably need to have the rear brake shoes adjusted and that will tighten up the brake


the adjusters in the brake drum may have not been adjusted properly when the new brake shoes were in stalled.In opinion.


part of the brake service is adjusting and testing the handbrake/also i havent used one in over 30 years/usless left over technology/if car is stick/park it in reverse/if automatic put it in park/hand brakes are from the 20s and 30s before hydraulic brakes/now they just cause trouble


I would assume yours has rear brake shoes instead of pads.

With pads, the calipers automatically adjust for wear.

Many vehicles have "self-adjusting" rear brakes but, as they age - they do not always work as planned?

When new shoes are installed, different technicians . adjust the shoes differently. When adjusting, the tech may back off the adjuster 3/4 "clicks" or 8/9 clicks? The more clicks - the further one has to pull the hand brake. With new shoes - they need to be "worn-in" slightly, to level the high spots, and then, after a few hundred miles - re-adjusted to a closer, (3/4 clicks) adjustment resulting in your not having to pull the parking brake handle so far up.