Anyone have experience with rainX original?

My wiper switch broke off, and the switch I ordered won't get here until two weeks, so I bought rainx original and applied it like the instructions said. It hasn't rained since that happened, so I don't know how rainx works.

Will it repel enough water so that I can see?

I usually drive 60 mph on my way to school, if that matters


Rain-X works great! It reduces the need for wipers but doesn't eliminate the need for them. As long as it rains lightly, you shouldn't worry too much. If it will be a while before you get the switch, you might be able to set up a jump wire from the switch to a cheap toggle switch as a temporary fix.


Rain-X works great! I've driven home on the highway for 90 miles in the rain with no wipers or problem's.


it will bead up like you just waxed your car and run off, wouldnt suggest running in the rain with no wipers though especially at 60 mph


It'll help repel water but it's not a miracle, you still need blades. Just wondering...They didn't sell blades where you bought the rain-x? lol