How do I stop my Volvo from burning a ton oil of oil, and burning coolant?

I have a '98 Volvo S70 with 133,000 miles on it.. It's non-turbo and it burns a quart of 10w-40 oil every 150 miles. I have been using very cheap oil. It smokes at start and little puffs while running. A very oil-burning smell comes with it. It also is using coolant in some way... either burning or leaking it. I have to replace the coolant every 2 weeks, at least. Please help me, as I have no money for a Volvo mechanic to look at it.


There is not a " no money" fix for you. You need to have someone check out your vehicle and give you an estimate of repairs. The smoking could be rings. The coolant loss could be a head gasket. There are too many "could be's" to give you any kind of definitive answers.


Then you also don't have the money for the repairs. You have a worn out gasket that is letting oil into the piston cylinders where it is burning. Fill up the oil one more time and run the engine for about 30 minutes. Check the oil. If it has a milky white appearance, there is a hole in the engine block allowing coolant to get into the cylinders . If it is not milky, then you simply have a leak in the cooling system. Either way, you are looking at major repairs and unless you are a mechanic, in which case you would not have asked this question, you are in for major expenses. You do not need a Volvo mechanic but you do need one that is competent and trust worthy. Expect at least a $3000 bill.