Guys, what would you think...?

if you saw a really feminine chick with long brown hair cruisin' on a Harley?

thanks for any input : )


I see it all the time. I think it's cool that woman are riding, and riding what they want. Not being stereotyped into riding mopeds or little scooters.


Not much, as I should be seeing enough of them.

Welcome to the 87th annual Rally and races.

Now blasphemed into Bike Week.


"It's somebody riding a Harley."


Wish I were a motorcycle seat.......

I DID NOT SAY THAT......I only THOUGHT it like you said: what would you think?


first I would think "Good for you" then I would wonder WTF you were thinking getting a HD.


I would think it's Kim, from across the Bay.


I'd wonder why she's not on a honda.