Motorcycle license loop hole?

Okay so my license will be suspended in about 2 months. However, if my drivers license is suspended, does that also mean that my motorcycle license will be suspended, or will it still be valid?


lose one ..... lose them all...

In Australia. that includes the boat licence as well..

& if you get done for DUI (drunk driving) on the boat.. the car & bike licence go too


No license means you get to be a passenger.

Boats too, nowadays.


MY how clever you are! Do you also dabble in rocket science as well as law? Why is it that the Bozos who manage to draw enough attention to themselves to get their privilege yanked also think they're smarter than the same system that has given them a dope slap. No driving for you!


Not in state of delusion. In state of confusion- maybe. In some other state - perhaps Ohio- you might be allowed to ride a selected moped without a license. Wo ist da?


it will be invalid


Sorry, the only loop hole will be a noose if you get caught operating any motor vehicle on a suspended license.

ADDED: Your license is your license, the motorcycle part of it is only an endorsement that lets you drive a two-wheeled vehicle.