Why does a 49cc scooter go up to 80mph? When it only goes about 55mph?

Why does a 49cc scooter go up to 80mph? When it only goes about 55mph?


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All vehicles have a re-stricter or a governor on their engine to keep them from malfunctioning or getting ruined. The speedometer shows 80 because that is what the engine is capable of doing at its max performance. The scooter only goes 55 because the re-stricter is keeping it there so you don't ruin your engine. Also it is a safety issue. Motorcycles have the same thing. My r6 won't let me red line the bike with the governor on. (it is illegal to take them off by the way)


dang! how'd you get that little thing to even go 55mph? mine only does about 40 if the wind is pushing me down a hill


If ur scooter is going 55 you will get a ticket as the 49cc engines are not to run faster then 30-35.


A lot of manufacturers use the same dials as they use in their 125 machines which have a top speed of around 70


It's a marketing thing. Most all cars cannot go as fast as the speedometer says it can. They just want it to appear faster.


That's just the speedometer, I think all scooters are the same. But a 49cc should only really go to 30mph or maybe just above, so I'm not sure how you can go 55mph? :P


That's just a speedometer reading. Alot of motorcycles have higher top speeds listed on the speedometer than they will actually go.


an unrestricted 4 stroke 49cc scooter can reach 40 - 45mph, a strong 2 stroke 45 - 50mph. but those are pretty much max speeds. 80mph is out of the question lol.

EDIT: for whoever gave me a thumbs down, you really don't know much about small engines, do you? :P

i actually ride these things, i know what they are capable of