How many tons could an EMD SD70ace pull on concrete track, excellent condition, dry weather, no sand?

Ok, so I am in Trainz Simulator and I was wondering how many tons an SD70ace could pull on the mainline. I believe they have 6000hp but I'm not sure. The conditions would be dry weather, no sand, no wet rails, and it would be pulling iron ore. Also, if someone could provide how much empty 40 foot flatcars it could pull, that would be a bonus.


I don't really know having never tried just one of them in a brute strength contest like that.I know we pull 13,000 ton grain trains up 1.2 percent grades with 3 of them so they pull pretty good.Just as a pure guess i'll say under your conditions one would pull about 3,500 to 4,000 tons.Not very fast though.The trick would be getting it moving n the first place.Just for your info they are 16 cylinder 4,300 hp engines rated at 191,000 pounds starting tractive effort and 157,000 pounds TE continuous.As an engineer if i was having to do that i'd much rather have a GE C45 AC unit.They are a much better engine than the EMD.