How do I know if my computer has wireless capability?

My sister upgraded my computer for me recently, but doesn't use wireless & therefore doesn't know much about it . I have an ASUS m4A89GTD Pro/USB3 motherboard. I have been told by others that all recent computers have wireless, but my new Cisco router software and windows 7 device manager didn't detect wireless capability, and I can't understand the documentation that came with the motherboard. there is no WiFi logo on the motherboard box that I can find.

am I supposed to buy an add on and plug it into my motherboard to make my computer wireless ready?



Lots of desktop computers do not come with wireless capability. Whoever told you all recent computers have wifi is just plain wrong.

You don't need to plug anything into your motherboard. The easiest way to add wireless is to get a USB wifi dongle. They are cheap and work fine in most cases. Just plug it into a free usb slot and get yer wifi on.