How do I unblock social networking sites?

Ok, So I want to unblock social networking sites like facebook, msn, etc. I'm living in a mental health place. But at the same time, I want to make sure it gets reblocked again so no one finds out. Is there anyway I can unblock it and reblock it whenever I want? Oh... and I've tried to use things that will unblock social networking sites... but it turned out they were blocked as well. What should I use and do?


IF the "mental health place" does not block individual users, you could just log-on as somebody who is not blocked [happy hunting!]


OR IF the "mental health place" does not block ALL PCs, then just find an unblocked PC [again, happy hunting].


IF the "mental health place" assigned you a log-in name, THEN the first suggestion may work, BUT many of those "mental health places" block everybody.


Its in your tools settings


Maybe you should focus on oh I don't know..... your mental health? instead of trying to get into stuff that the facility doesn't think you should be getting into. There's a reason they block sites like that.