How come isn't working on my iPod touch?

I tried it and it's the only site that doesn't work, I tried other sites and it works, why isn't this one working?


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ok so somethings going on here ... i literally like a half an hour ago asked this same question! and its the only site that won't open i already tried refreshing and restarting.. only mines on the iPhone, but I'm guessing its some sort of safari/apple related problem... idk what to do.... no more reading vampire diaries ff for me .... wow this makes me sound like a loser... oh well my bf like me ;) anyways... i thnk we just have to wait and see what happened.. thank god its not just my phoneee


oh im so glad im not the only one! hopefully it will be working soon! I need my glee fanfics ;) don't judge me


Hmm. Maybe the mobile site is down. Sorry....I love that site


Mines not working either, thank god it's not just me I was panicking xD


I have the same problem Dx And it's happening on the laptop also. I tried and same thing as on my touch. Gah, I was doing a forum too -_- FML


The same thing is happening to my iPod touch. I can go on other sites but and it keeps saying it can't connect to the server and I really love that site! Hope it comes back up soon.


apparently its in the middle of an update. i was freaking out completely and then i searched it up. i thought my parents blocked the site or something (they didn't) and i was like trying to hack my bro's ipod and stuff just to get on.

but yea, its not working. all the other sites work great :)


That's so freaking weird! XD this is weird! A few hours ago it did that to me on my iPod I was freaking out that it wasn't working. I just googled that is wasn't working and came across this question. That's so funny XD hopefully it works soon because I was in the middle of a really good fan fic. X3