What is a proxy server?

I have sudden-link high speed internet.. Yahoo is my main Page I log on to when I go on internet explore. I was online this morning and everything worked great.. I turned my computer off so I can do some cleaning, now every time I log onto the internet it tells me that it doesn't recognize and to change my proxy servers.. What the heck does that mean? I've turned off my computer, I've unplugged and plugged up every cord I could, I don't know why it's saying this? How can I fix, who do i need to call? Yahoo? I don't know, I need help..


proxy tips and info:……


First I must assume you got here by using another computer. Second, what do you mean by "do some cleaning"?

I think you disabled the LAN adapter. Look in the device manager. Most likely there is a big question mark next to the LAN adapter. If so you need to reinstall the driver for that.