My new ipod touch 4g doesnt last very long(battery)?

So i got this ipod 2 days ago and i downloaded lots of apps(games) , then i charged it up fully and it only lasts about 3 hours of gaming and its suppose to last even more that double that. I turned my brightness down to lower that half, turned auto brightness off too, what can be wrong? Or maybe downloading apps drains a lot of battery? I pretty much always download some apps.My bluetooth is also off ,please help, thanks


If you leave on your Wi-Fi on that could be straining on your battery. I have a iPod Touch 4G and I get the same amount of gaming time deferent games need more proformance therefor if you are playing games that have good graphics yes your battery will drain faster.To close a app from running tap the home button 2 times and a app switcher should come up hold a app (as you would if you where deleting it) and press the red button on the corner of the app and that will close it. Hope I could help!


Games (Angry Birds, for example) drain the battery much, much faster than almost anything else you may do.