Why did my computer have to chkdsk?

I triple boot my netbook, windows 7, windows xp, and ubuntu. Both of the windows partitions started chkdsks when i tried booting them. They also recovered some files, a few of which were orphaned. Why did my computer need to do that? I feel like I take good enough care not to harm the disk or interrupt shut downs. I just want to know why.


Because the read/write head is so excruciatingly close to the platters, the slightest blemish on those blazingly fast-spinning disks becomes a huge speed bump, which destroys data, and eventually the entire hard drive.

XP use to require manual check disk, but folks didn't know how/why to do it, so they ignored this near critical maintenance task.

MS probably figured to make it automatic run every so often to alleviate stress in their audience about HDD crashes...not sure on that though.

I use SpinRite for all partitions so I don't worry with multi-platform system checks, and Windows 'check disk'.


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