Computer screen has big white box I can't get rid of?

I start the computer and it works fine, my background picture is there and looks normal. Then a few minutes later a box pops up saying the internet is trying to close this window (even if there are no windows open) and the white box appears. If I click "close/ok" or "cancel/no" either way the box still stays. It looks like the computer may have been trying to open a window and my computer stopped it and now the window is frozen. But i can not get the box to go away until i restart the computer and even then it keeps happening. I checked the background and reset that, I checked the task manager and there were no applications/windows open/running. I can not figure out what this box is. It is in the middle of the screen from top to bottom, but its not the entire screen the sides are normal (I can still see my icons ext). The anti-virus is up to date and it can't find a virus. Any ideas? I know a decent amount about computers but im not super good at it so I can't go into the bios or type computer code or anything. Thanks for the help!


Go to… and download Autoruns. (Once you unzip it run autoruns.exe not autorunsc.exe)

That program will show you everything that opens when the computer is running. Once the program runs you will see lots of tabs. Chose LOGON and see what is run when you start. If you are not familiar with the program search Google before you disable it. Good luck.


Have you right-clicked inside the box - then chosen Properties-this should show the source of the box.


go to task manager


close down prorams one by one until the box goese away then you will know what program is trying to load and you can take it out or update it driver