I've got a Dell 1525 laptop....?

...would it be able to run the sims3 on it? or can i get anything to upgrade my laptop?

i'm interested in buying the sims 3. but im unsure if my laptop will allow the sims 3 to work?

if not, then is there anything i can get to upgrade my laptop in order to make it work for me?

:( i hope it does. because the game looks amazing. (the sims 2 kinda works on my laptop)


i think the most official answer is to check the Sim3's website against your computer... and will see for sure.

but Dell 1525 is quite new, and that most games nowadays actually has a mode for computer with a less powerful graphics card, so the guess is that it probably will run.


Sims3 is much more demanding than sims2 & even knowing your build, one thing i can safely say is that your graphics, intel gma x3100 is outright crap

so even with most settings turned down, it's going to be pretty painful

Anyways, you can test your system for self…

& yeah just to tell you, laptop graphics are non-upgradeable