Will this graphics card fit into my computer?

Will this

fit into my Hewlett-Packard hp workstation xw6000 computer?



hi james

yes it will however the geforce 6200 isnt very powerful and will struggle to run even the most basic of games and applications... at £17 its a decent price however may i recommend the "Sapphire HD 3650 512MB DDR2 DVI HDCP HDTV out AGP Graphics Card"( )

at just over £50 its probally not what you wanted to pay however compared to the geforce 6200 its a goliath of a agp card.... it has a 725mhz core clock ( compared to 350mhz in the 6200 ) and 512mb of gddr3 memory( compared to just 256mb of ddr2 ) running at 1000mhz ( just 333mhz in the 6200 )

so as you can see james the sapphire HD3650 is a excellent agp card and will happily fit inside your workstation without any problems

there is a more powerful card than the HD3650 namely the radeon HD3850 however this costs around £90 and is the fastest agp card you can buy .... however its pretty big and may not fit in your case but if it would you would have one amazing system ( for a agp based pc )

finally if you still want to stay with a sub £30 card then the "NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 64MB DDR Dual DVI AGP Graphics Card"(… ) .... this is around the same performance as the geforce 6200 however in my opinion its slightly better

i hope this helps,any problems let me know

good luck mate !


Yes, that will fit and should work fine. You can put regular AGP cards into an AGP Pro50 8X slot.

Of course it won't handle the high-end CAD/design applications that workstations are designed for, but it's fine for regular tasks like web surfing and word processing, if the original graphics card has burned out.


Yes, I'll fit.…


Yuppers, the motherboard used in the xw6000 system has an AGP slot that is occupied by the video card you have in there now. If you buy the one shown on the ebay site you will be able to take out the old video card and put in the newly purchased one.