Is my battery still good?

I was going through some stuff to put on craigslist when I came across my old laptop battery --Its 3 yrs old and I used it in my laptop 1 and a half years then its been sitting for at least a year. Its still good right?whether or not it has a charge or not of course-----its a lithium battery out of my hp laptop that isnt around anymore.thanks


you'd have to hook it up to a multimeter to check out if it has any charge. ummm or maybe if you dont have could SAFELY take wires and hook it up to a light bulb...and see if it lights. shouldn't be really all that dangerous. just use electric tape. vote me best answer if it works out! lol


I really dough it but you can take it to Fry's or Circuit City and have it tested. Most Battery lift is 12 to14 months.


no its not good its broken