Should i buy the ipad?

please help me decide . is it a waist or is it a good product and i want an answer from someone who has used it and experienced it.


You should definitely not get an ipad. ipad can't do anything more than an itouch or an iphone and it's just way larger and more inconvenient. It has no usb outputs or anything. JUST BUY A PC LAPTOP with Windows 7, you'll love it, trust me! Way better option for your money.


Don't get one. Wait a few years until they get a lot cheaper.


I wouldn't buy one. Spend the money on a netbook or something small that will do more and is affordable.


no,just a fancy iphone apple trying to sell.


I'd like to add as well as not being able to do much the price is outrageous 500$ for the cheapest just go for a Laptop.