What is the RAM on a computer and a disk space on a computer?

What is the RAM on a computer and a disk space on a computer?


RAM is a memory chip that your computer uses to store data for apps that are running. Think of it as space for data to be worked on.

Disk space is space on a hard disk. Your computer stores data here for your apps and documents etc. Think of it as being like a bookshelf.


RAM = Dimm

Disk space = Hard drive

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Ram holds the data for the cpu. The the disk stores data.


RAM == Random Access Memory you computer temporally puts data here so it does not run slow. if you did not have ram than your computer would compute everything right away sorta. think about it like in a large math problem you might do part and then save that and move on to another part and then combine them both. same as your computer.

disk space is how much memory you have left on your hard drive


RAM = Random Access Memory

HDD = Hard Disk Drive (disk space)

Cooking analogy:

Your Computer = CPU (Central Processing Unit)

is like a pot your cooking something on the stove.

Any extra information the computer stores in RAM which is like the cupboard next to the stove, fast and easy to reach for ingredients.

Your HDD is like the fridge over the other side of the kitchen, lots of capacity but longer to get to.

The internet is like having to go to the corner store for something.