How much is this desktop worth and how good is it?

a desktop that includes an amd 2 athlon x2 250 (3.0 ghz dual core), 500gb HDD, 3gb DDR3 ram 256mb shared GPU. What would you say this desktop is worth? please answer preferably in GBP, or dollars if it's absolutely neccesary.

Thank you very much for considering my question.


200ish. you can build that for 250

heres something similar, not 100% the same but you get the idea…


around $600


sold on ebay $100 to $200 trade in shop.

to buy it at a store like bust buy $499 to 900 unless you have a dvd player and good vito card in it If have soft where the goes on it dvd that came with it and Pro it also make it worth more. the 3gb is not bad. Is the case easly to handle yeat have space.