How do I find what graphics card my pc has?

I need to update it, I am having problems with my driver frame works


1 Click on the "Start/Windows Logo " in any version of Microsoft Windows and select the "Run" option or in Search type "dxdiag" into the text box and select "OK". This will run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, a standard utility used to identify your computer's various hardware parts.

2 Click on the "Display" tab and examine both the Device and Drivers sections. The Device section will list your graphics card's name, manufacturer and internal memory. The Drivers section will list the graphics card's main driver (software instructions), the version of the driver, and the release date of the driver.

3 Click on the "Save All Information" button towards the bottom of the window if you would like to save your hardware information to a Windows text file (.txt).


Download "Speccy" for free and it will tell you.


It will be in your "Device Manager".

If you are running Microsoft Windows:

Go to the "Start" button

Enter "Device Manager" in the Search box, hit Enter

The Device Manager will open

Your graphics card will be under "Display Adapters"

Hope that helps. :)