Question about my new cpu.?

Bit of a dumb question but i bought a intel pentium 4 3.0GHz and installed. Only in system information it shows up as a 3.00GHz is that the same.


yes it's the same. 2 decimal places are usualy displayed in windows because some CPU's use 2 decimal places (even though it shouldnt show 2 0's it does) like 3.16ghz, so they leave it in so it looks good in the positioning.


That's a new cpu?


Yes it is. The extra zero after the decimal point is just that, zero.

The processor speed is 3GHz.


yup try cpuz and check the whole properties of your system


I don't really understand the question. If it's "Is 3.0 GHz the same as 3.00 GHz?", the answer is Yes (i.e. the "clock speed" of the processor (the rate at which it can execute basic parts of its machine-level instructions) is the same). This is the same principle as the fact that 1, 1.0, 1.00, 1.000 etc are all the same numerical value.

If the question is about "pentium 4", the answer is still that they are the same. The "4" in "pentium 4" means that it's the "4th generation" of the design of the Pentium processor, and is not related to the 3 GHz clock speed.