What is the full form of all the short expressions that people use in Facebook(like jk,ty,ftw,rolf,lmao etc)?

i am new to facebook and i dont know these types of full forms so please help!..:)


jk = just kidding

jks = jokes

ty = thank you

wtf = what the fcuk

ftw = for the win

rofl = rolling on the floor laughing

lmao = laughing my @$$ off

lol = laugh out loud

omg = oh my god

btw = by the way

cbf = can't be fcuked

np = no problem

gg = good game

brb = be right back

g2g = got to go

ttyl = talk to you later

<3 = love


jk- just kidding

ty- thank you

ftw- for the win or f*** the world

rofl- rolling on (the) floor laughing

lmao- laughing my a** off


jk = just kidding, ty = thank you, ftw = for the win, ROFL* = rolling on the floor laughing ( i dont knoe whar rolf is) lmao = laughing my *** off, lol = laugh out loud, np = no problem, i cant think of any more off the top of my head but just type it into google next time


Here is a pdf website of all of the common ones, just look up what you want to know.…

also, google is your friend.


Look up those abbrevs in Urban dictionary =>


jk - just kidding

rofl - rolling on the floor laughing

lmao -lauging my *** off

you must be like 9 years old dude