Was I being a jerk towards one of my friends on Facebook?

Earlier this evening I was posting a private message to one of my friends on Facebook and she just read my message without responding back and then 10 minutes later I've sent her an IM and right after that she just logged off, she hasn't been responding back to my messages or comments but she often responds back to her other friends' comments, the message I've sent her was about me telling her what a great friend our former high school friend was and how she has helped me go through high school and graduate

This was the message I've sent her on IM

"You've got mail, better go and respond to it"


dont talk to her for a while then she will respond asking why your not talking to her then when you do talk to her be polite gently and current plus being fast always helps and keep it short


Well maybe she doesnt like u at all anymore, or she was gunna get to it, and just couldnt, or couldnt get to it, and your IM that was so straight forward mighta scared her a lil?

Not a jerk, just alittle to forwardd... ya know?;… PLEASE!


try being not so upfront b more subtle try "Hey, I sent you an email (:' or someetttthiinnggg