How do i get noticed on youtube?

I dont understand how to get noticed, do you just make videos and people just come to your channel. my channel is, plz tell me what i can improve on or something.


The best way to become SUCCESSFUL is to ***PROMOTE***. You wont get known if you dont promote. I had an account called ManWitDaSwag. Posting only RapCity vids. I promoted with GREAT TAGS. In the end i got 130 Subscribers in 9 months before my account got deleted.

1. Promotion

2. Good Tags

3. In your vids put (comment, rate, subscribe)

4. sponge off of other big users--Alphacat, BYOBENT,




1) Promote your channel (friends, family, tell people on facebook, if you have one, etc.)

2) Made videos that people will watch (animals, etc.)

Check out my channel:


Use hd cameras to record be funny and talk about things people care about. In your videos use attracting titles Ex of boring one= My baby turtle can eat alot Ex of attracting one= HOLY SHIZZ MY TURTLE CAN GNOM GNOM GNOM. Also use tags that people search. If your that desperate advertise to other people youtube account and send them a message to check out your videos. Hope this helps :).


what i did was, my first video was showing a glich in a video game that noone found out (and there was none about the game either) and made more, then TONS of people wached and made reviews and so forth

but yeah, the subscriber will come to you


keep making videos like if you sing put another one on there singing something else did you know justin bieber got found from :) So hott