Does prepaid Mobile Broadband internet save money?

I have Verizon home phone and internet bundle. The bundle allows to call international but lately I feel that I been paying too much. $70 every month. The internet is in a modem that Verizon provided but I connected a router so I could have a home wireless network.

If the monthly amount rises too much I think I will cancel the Verizon home phone service and use my prepaid cell phone and buy a prepaid mobile broadband from Verizon Wireless. I will limit my internet activity.


If you can live on a certain limit then it is affordable. Most people nowadays can't live on the small bandwidth quotas offered by the prepaid internet. If you're a light Internet user, try the prepaid.

AT&T has only been around $50 for me for their fastest residential plan and phone service. Look around and see if anyone else offers a cheaper deal (DSLExtreme leases and resells DSL internet).