Facebook: "your account has been-temporarily suspended-message"?

I changed my password last night, couldnt remember the new one this morning. Wrote some passwords ive have used before but none of them worked.. All of the sudden it said that my account was temporarly suspended. I had to fill in a security question, and then confirm my identity.

Confirming my identity = Facebook mailing me a security code. The email adress IS correct but i still havnt gotten the security code. I could also get it by a text message, but my facebook is registrated on my dead grandfather.. I tried to click resend many times but i havent gotten in.

Ive checked my spamfilter too. Facebook's help center isnt much of help to this question, and I cant find any email to contact them manually! I tought i found one but i just got an answer from a machine to check the help center.

SO IRRITATED right now! Especially since Im leaving the country to go on a summer vacation tonight, and I really wanna say goodbye to my friends... PLEASE help!


Well, I think Facebook maybe suspended your account, but I don't understand why that would happen. Well just try switching browsers and signing in again!


Well sorry. I didn't think you would have blocked the email! Sorry.

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