IP ban and arrest for Xtube video downloading with Firefox?


my friend is pretty freaked out because he told me that today he can no longer access xtube and is always redirected to another website when he types in xtube in the address bar. he thinks they've banned his IP because he's downloaded videos from xtube with firefox and now believes that they will arrest him. Is he right? If not, what is a reasonable explanation? (also, no joking as he is seriously panicky).



Same here, ip address is probably banned. i get redirected to a useless domain website. but if i use proxies i'm able to access the real but not able to get in and watch videos. But i know why i got banned (nyhahahaha!). Anyways tell your friend to call his isp and have them change his router/modem IP address. Thats the only way to access xtube again is with a new ip address. Reformatting the computer would probably not change the ip address. Tell your friend not to worry, he's not the only one downloading videos from


There is no need to be panic.

They can do to him NOTHING!

Downloading videos from video tubes is legal.

He's probably got a web browser glitch or a virus.


Well if he was downloading videos illegally than he could be punished Tell him that it's going to be ok and that If it was an application for Firefox than it was probably a certified app. He will be fine!


i would say dont worie about that it is probably a virus that makes ur tool bars screw up just type into ur browser and try it on the site and see if it works same thing happened to me with google just a virus but it is not Sirius it just screws wif a tool bar :/ re download the bar again and install it there u got and tell ur friend to calm down stress can cause heart attacks hope this helps XD


The Australian government has just introduced a ban list of websites that they apparently deem unfit for the adult population to be able to access.

You heard right, you cannot access Xtube from today...ever, as well as a host of other websites. This is perhaps the first step in censorship, who knows where it may end?

Welcome to the second China, also known as Australia.

See this link for more: