Is this website a scam?…

I need to know if this is a real website, or a scam. I don't want to give my phone number out to a fake line. My mom needs money [We aren't poor or anything, but we have a tight budget and it's stressing my mom out really bad, so I want to help].

Thanks guys!


Don't listen to anyone else, My friend used that site, Names tylor.

He got to play the bully in that Jackie Chan movie, 'The spy next door'

Only bad thing about the site is that it doesn't guarantee you a part, But its legit enough.


Giving personal information on the internet is suicidal.All they need to contact you your email address


It is a money grabber, walk AWAY....


I think so. You can generally see if things are a scam by the website's alexa rank. a low alexa rank means that not many people visit this website.

this website has a very low alexa rank.


Easy test:

1. If they ask for money it's a scam

2. If they ask for info that could be used to steal your identity it's a scam (i.e. SSN, etc) it may be a scam - but it they give a real address of their place of business this part may be ok.

Obviously #1 doesn't count for legitimate products, but if it is a place to get you a job or similar, asking for money = automatic scam.


well it sounds pretty fake if you ask me but i dont know


its fake soooo fake its a scam people i couldn't stress it enough the just want your money !