Do you do sub for sub?

I understand why people hate sub for sub, and if you don't want to subscribe you don't have to but if you subscribe and send a a pm saying you did, i will subscribe back

If you don't like sub for sub, i get why and its fine, just please check out my channel, i just posted a a new video and i am editing another now, thanks! My username is Technerdification



Many people use YouTube for reasons other than yours, which were mostly personal uses. Artists, short film makers, etc like their work to be shown to a wide audience. The more views/subscribers they have, the more people get to see their work.


I see exactly where you come from, my friends and I just want our work to be seen too. Feedback is very appreciated as well, but just to know that more and more people have just seen it is good enough. I'll check out your channel, and please check out our latest video, and even the channel if you like our work. :) Thanks, and again, I understand what you mean!…


I have a curiosity? This might come off as rude, but I don't intend it as such. Do you think that YouTube is some sort of popularity contest? Me, I don't care how many subs or views I have. There are only three reasons that I post videos on YouTube:

1. To share those videos with friends and family.

2. For the benefit of others. If people watch my videos, and find them helpful (I post computer tutorials) or entertaining, then great. If nobody watches them, then it's no loss to me.

3. So that my videos remain stored on YouTube, and I can free up my hard drive space by deleting them from my computer.

Maybe you can help me understand why people are so desperate for subscribers and views. I just don't get it.

EDIT: But do sub-for-subs really watch your videos? Let's say that you have 1000 sub-for-sub subscribers, and each of them has 1000 sub-for-sub subscribers. Do any of you really have time to keep up with 1000 subs just because you did a sub-for-sub arrangement? Besides which, what if you don't even like the videos of a sub-for-sub partner? What if they don't care for yours?

If I were a painter, it would be nice to have a wide audience, but not only because I've also agreed to look at their paintings... because my audience truly appreciates my work.