Dear sir/madam.

This email is in regard to my youtube account 'WazzTV' that has been disabled for 14 days due to breaking the rules, now i beleive this to be a huge mistake.

Basicly it was due to 2 videos i have uploaded witch contain nudity, but they are not porn, they are both educational programs that are showed in the united kingdom

to help children and women know more about there bodys and how to examing themselvs if they find any lumps or bumps in there vaginas or breasts.

at no point did i make these two videos pornography, or show any sexual intercourse, it was just doctors, examing women and talking about cancer, breast cancer, and other conditions.

Also just to be safe i even put a small description in both videos telling people this was not porn it is a educational program with nudity,

Now i think its really unfair and im almost certain these videos where flagged by someone who was just bored, also the moderators on youtube clearly dident even watch these two videos before disabling my account, otherwise they would have relised i havent broken any of the guideline rules, it says nuditity is not allowed on youtube however, for documentrys, and other sexual educational programs such as 'cancer' etc, is allowed, so why has mine been removed? Also just to test my theory that youtube moderators are doing their job incorecctly i even uploaded the same two videos on my other account with the same video description and everything, and they got flagged again, but this time they got a 'age restriction' put on them, and never got removed. And even more oddly, i done a little research and i found two other users on youtube with the exam same two videos as mine, and they have been out there for around 2-4 years, 'coolhunk46' ' jessforness' now yet again just to try my method and to see if youtube moderators where doing their job correctly, i flagged both of these videos many times, and they never ever got taken down or removed, even though mine did, so how does that even make sense? so please can you review this case as its totally unfair, i have not showed anyone porn, i really dont see how this is innappropriate conent. So if you could see it that i can get my account back id really apprchiate it. Thanking you kindly.

Mr W Butt


Next read the rules:

Important: Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself.

If you say it wasn't nudity then it was a TV show.