Need Help! YouTube streaming on Nokia C2-01. **10 point question**?

I have Nokia C2-01, Java MIDP 2.1, Though it has 3G I am using EDGE connectivity.

When I open YouTube mobile and click on the video, media player opens and after few seconds it displays error 'Operation Failed'.

>Nokia's official site says that the phone supports YouTube streaming.

>In streaming settings it shows 'No settings found'

Help me to watch YouTube on my phone.


Go to setting>config. sett.>personal config sett.>add new>steaming>make a sett and activate


... There you can have the settings for the access point name there you need to put the access point name ... Unable to stream youtube videos in Nokia C2-01 mobile ...



for playing online videos in your

c2 01 you need to have full

access internet in your device

and if you have the Internet

setting then you need to create a

new access point for your

streaming videos to configure

the streaming setting in your

device follow the below

mentioned steps..

1) . Open Menu

2) . Settings

3) . Configuration Settings

4) . Personal Configuration


5) . Options

6) . Add New

7) . Select streaming from the list

leave the default account name

as "my streaming" and just leave

the default UDP ports

8) . just check the setting "use

preferred access point" is Yes ( you can contact your contact your network provider, they will definatly help you.)

and go back

there one profile will be created

in the name of "my streaming" just activate it

from your options ,,,,,,

your streaming setting is ready

for online videos..

after successfully completing this

procedure restart your C2-01

then you can able to play online

videos in your device ...

Note : make sure that your

default access point is working


as this setting uses your default

access point to stream videos