Will facebook start charging?

A friend o mine told me that Facebook will soon start charging it's members. I have not heard it on the news at all. Has anyone else heard this?


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wouldnt that be a good idea? i doubt it tho the kids would just find another networking site


maybe in june>it would be nice if they did


It's not true, just a rumor...


I have heard the rumors as well. Don't really know why they would & If they do guess I am going back to myspace =-O


Yea, they've mentioned the idea several times but I doubt it's every going to happen in the near future. It would probably cause it to lose popularity.


Yes they are thinking about it. I found some groups in facebook standing against it. We should join them & make our voice strong to predict them from doing so. And if they do so after all, then we all should leave facebook, cause there are so many social network sites........


No, it will not. These same rumors circulated myspace before facebook, free email sites before myspace, and free search sites before email, etc.

I know a few people who work there and can confirm the rumor is false.


i doubt it. they would lose to many users. everyone would just leave them and go for a free social networking site. i think your friend has just heard a rumor i doubt it is true. and if it is... well face books not the only networking sight it will be there loss >__<