How to prove you are not someone on Facebook?

Theres this fake account on facebook and everyone thinks its me and i made it but i didnt! i dont know how to prove it to them! help?


I'm sorry to hear about this happening to you. Your true friends will know you speak the truth. Keep Facebooking, but report that other account by:

1.Go to the profile (timeline)

2.Select Report/Block

3.Choose a reason for your report (ex: This profile (timeline) is pretending to be someone or is fake)

4.Choose a report type, if prompted

5.Click Continue to submit your report

Facebook does not allow accounts that

■Pretend to be you or someone else

■Use your photos

■List a fake name

■Don't represent a real person (fake accounts)

Here is the link to FB on Reporting a violation…

Hope that solves your situation so you can continue to Facebook peacefully! God bless


Make ur own account


Dont touch any electronics and wait for whoever it is to post something.