Very easy html question 10 points fast !?

This doesn't work when i submit data. it says can't find the file

<form name="input" action="html_form_action.asp" method="get">

First name: <input type= "text" name = "firstname" /><br / >

Last name: <input type= "text" name = "lastname" /> <br/>

Gender: <br/>

<input type = "radio" name= "sex" value = "male" /> Male <br / >

<input type= "radio" name = " sex " value = "female" /> Female<br/>

I like: <br/>

<input type ="checkbox" name="vehicle" value="running" /> Running<br/>

<input type ="checkbox" name="vehicle" value="hiking" / > Hiking<br/>

<input type ="checkbox" name="vehicle" value="swimming" / > Swimming<br/>

<input type="submit" value="Submit Query" / >



You again?

html_form_action.asp, where is that file. Is it in the same folder? Is your server running....that's an ASP file your need that on a server that's running IIS or something!


Once the form is submitted, you ask it to do something with the be precise, you say "send the form name "input" to "html_form_action.asp", method="get"....get is when you have those ?a=1&b=2&c=3 in the url bar after the address. For that to work, you need a running server.


type this into cmd ( run-cmd-type this stuff)


verify that this html_form_action.asp exist on your server......


Make sure you have created "html_form_action.asp" file and this file is in the right directory say at root directory or whatever your settings are. if you have set all the things and found same problem then you have to stop your server and start again or have a restart the computer once.

i hope this will work.