Automatic Website Image slider?

Is there a PHP or Jquary/JavaScript (NOT FLASH) Image slider that will automatically slide through images in a specific folder.

it needs to be a slider not a album thing or what every just a image slider that will switch through images every second or so in a specific folder but give the user options to click arrows and go next or back.

EXTRA* if possible it could be able to play video, slide through images and when it gets to a video if the user clicks on it it will play.

im looking for a ready made one or tutorial, if you know how i can add these features to a already made slider or you know how to do what i want please tell me,

thanks in advance.


For one of my web pages I used Nivo Slider. I tested lots of other sliders which appeared not working well.

Try it. It's free and there are some examples and tutorials which will help you to understand how it works. Also wordpress plugin. :)

I don't know if it takes all the images from the folder, but you can write it using a siple code in php. opendir(), readdir() functions functions will help you solve that small problem.