Password Protected Virus, Should I worry?

I have 2 password protected viruses and i dont know what to do with them. i dont do anything real risky online that would be comprised like online banking or anything, most vulnerable thing is maybe my facebook password haha but i dont want these things on here if they could be a harm, i cant delete them or move them to the virus chest so should i take my computer in to have it removed by a professional or does anyone have tips on what i can do?, Thanks much.


Yes, you should worry. You should always worry about malware because without knowing what they are doing, as in finding out exactly what they are up to, you could have had your computer dragged into being part of a zombie network that is attacking somewhere; not a good thing.

Try Malwarebytes and if that doesn't work, then move onto using the entire guide that this is only part of:…… - entire guide