How can i steal a hotmail account without installing programs?

my cousin has stolen my email but after 2 weeks she told me the new password, so now i wanna do the same to her, how can i steal a hotmail without installing programs for FREE?


Oh, hotmails are easy. ;)

Go to -->> Mobile Sign In For Hotmail (security on the mobile login is very bad)

Once you are there, click "Forgot Password".

Then, put in the victim's email address.

Then fill out the characters that you see in the second box.

Now, just click on "Next", for the security questions.

Now, you will see an answer box for their secret answer. Go to and type in their email address.

It will give you a list of websites they are most likely on. Some of these are social networking, like Facebook. Click on the social networking ones, until you get a page that has the answer to the secret answer on it.

Then you enter it at the page you were at, and if it works, you will be prompted to enter a new password! This helps if you know a lot about the person. :)

Hope this helps! :)