Can people on Omegle track your IP adress to where you live?

I've gone on Omegle and had a weird conversation with someone but I NEVER gave them anyreal info about me,I put a different age,name,and even country,and didn't give them my MSN or anything like that,and we did not video chat.But still, I'm worried,can this person on Omegle trace my IP and find out where I live?


No. The closest thing that an IP address can lead to is the the ISP and that will only give you the country where the ISP is based. To get closer than that, the person need to have a court order to oblige the ISP to disclose your details.


Only if they're with the company or are a realllllllly good hacker.


Only on video chat can someone get your ip address, as you are streamming your webcam content to their computer


yep. but I doubt that they will care. people who have the skillz to do that, will either do it for fun, or for personal gain, if its for fun then they wont do anything, if its for gain, i doubt that they would use omegle, as they would either be making a bot net(in which case you would loose nothing) or stealing your identity, but in either case it would be more effective to do that thru other means. if your worried about a stalker, then its likely your dead body is already being raped so you'll never give me a good rating anyway.


Someone on omegle told me my country,state, and even the city im in and kill me.. all i did was read what they said.. i was on video chat.. what do i do?how did they know that? help?


I Have been threatended by that all the time people in masks this guy said 3 days its been about 2 months just don' t believe that shiz but if he is really threatening you disconnect right away and tell somebody now a day after a guy said 3 days now I have my bb gun under my bed loaded with ammo I got soo freaked out