Computer locked by virus? ?

I was looking online to watch a TV show I was just introduced to called top gear USA and as I found a website that would stream it I ended up somehow downloading a virus which windows protection kicked in and stopped my progress. I have internet through a tether cable to my phone so I quickly snatched the cable out to disconnect the web. I ran the virus scan and it detected 57. Trojans I have never registered the virus program so it wants me to get online but either windows or virus will not let me access anything. Can I buy a virus program and install it or do I have to wipe my computer and reinstall everything? Please help I have ALOT of family pics and music I don't want to loose .... I am not very tech wise so any ideas will work


YOu did not give much information, but this gets most of the bugs. connect back to the internet and do the following. It really helps if you can tell us the name of the problem.

restart your computer

hit the F8 key

go into safe mode with networking

be patient, its slow


you may have to do this in safe mode

open internet explorer, go to tools, internet options, connections, LAN settings, make sure proxy server is NOT checked and automatically detect settings is checked then exit

download rkill, this is an app that will get rid of the trojan blocking you from doing anything else…

Run rkill

download malwarebytes…

install, update, let it run a full scan

save the log

look at the log

see if it has infections and see if they were removed

run this online scanner. allow the download and install it. this is one of the best


hope this helps………………


If you do connect to the internet, I would check out BLCS.US and call him, Barry (owner of BLCS) is able to take control of your computer via internet and wipe out viruses fast and effectively, while giving your computer a big speed boost. I have used the company many times and I have been happy with everything. Other than that, I suggest downloading Microsoft's Security Essentials onto a flash drive, then plugging it in and running the set up on your computer that has the viruses and running the scan. It should get rid of them quite fast. Also another good one is Malware Bites, and Avira.n If you live in Arizona, BLCS will come to you to clean your computer.


The best site to watch it is . I daily use that site




Use NOD32, this is the best anti virus i have ever used.


try the google pack or avg.. both are free and very good,