My computer has a virus?

my computer has a virus and im kinda freaking out. its not letting me open any programs so i cant remove it with my anti virus software. it also changed the background to my computer telling me i have i virus and to activate my ant spy ware. the only thing it is letting me open is system tools 2011, a program which i didnt even have before,

any help is desperately needed and explain it pretty slow cause im not that computer savy


this is a bad bug, it installs a trojan on your computer so running anything in the normal mode won't work. No antivirus, no antispyware will remove this unless you go into safe mode

restart your computer

hit the F8 key as soon as you see the start screen and keep tapping it until it asks about safe mode

go into safe mode with networking

be patient, its slow

download rkill, this is an app that will get rid of the trojan that usually comes with these infections…

Run rkill

download malwarebytes…

install, update, let it run a full scan

save the log

look at the log

see if it has infections and see if they were removed

run a full scan with your antivirus

let it delete all it finds

or use this online scanner. download the packet and run it


this should get it

hope this helps………………


1. Take everything you want to keep and put it on a flash drive

2. Write down any programs you still want

3. Erase hard drive (If you don't know how email me at

4. Re-install OS (Mac, Windows, Linux, Google)

5. Install AVG Free

6. Install programs you wrote down

7. Plug in flash drive and scan it with AVG Free

8. Remove all viruses from flash drive

9. Once safe, place all files back onto hard drive

Please note this may just be a prank, viruses usually don't change your background. Only do these steps if you are sure you have a virus.


Ok so restart your computer, and right as it starts up, press ctrl-alt-delete to open task manager before anything else opens. Then go into the second tab labeled processes and look for one that is not initiated by the username LOCAL... or SYSTEM and looks like it is not a real process. Then right click on it and select "open file location" and if it is in your internet files or downloads hit end process. Then download malwarebytes' anti malware which will get rid of it.