Would you pay for security?

i have a few friends who tell me im dumb for buying antivirus software. these people know everything there is to know about computers and they are like "do this and that and go into the command prompt and do this crap and that crap to the computer and download the free trial software and just keep uninstalling and installing it back to get the free trial to work again and this and that"

im like "or i could just spend $60 on kaspersky for a year, plus i get customer service and free help when i need it. and it updates the definitions every night when im asleep BY ITSELF!" to me, thats worth $60

what do you think? im not a computer wiz but i do know what i get for what i pay. and i do know a legit computer company when i see it.

and $60 a year is good for peace of mind and hassle free service and a number you can call when things go wrong.


I would pay for Antivrus, if i have a job. I mean since I don't have a job, I have to go to websites and look for keys&serials and stuff to keep my Kaspersky running, but now i use Norton :D. Kaspersky has the best detection among every Antivirus out there, but if your comp is already infected, the removing function is great, but not the best. But if your comp is new and stuff, get Kaspersky Internet Security. One of the BEST and most TRUSTWORTHY AV out there among gamers like me. And the people who told u ur dumb for buying Antivirus, they're probably noobs. The command prompt and stuff are to get the computer to start again after a virus attack. Now once you've already been under attack, theres no way those little kiddie things would help. Smart virus knows how to make themselves hidden among AVs and automatically make itself a "Friendly" file. I've seen so many times when an AV detects a virus, then 2 sec later, can't find it anymore to delete. Next day it detects the virus again. Back to the antivirus. Are you dumb for doing that? Are you dumb for using free programs (not free trial)? YESSS! Should you buy Kaspersky? YESS. Honestly don't listen to those stupid yahoo answer spammers who copy and paste from 1 post to another. Buy kaspersky. It beats BitDefender, beats Avast, AVira, Nod32 and everything else. Haha I usually just use like a trial resetter for Kaspersky. Use 30 days, reset it, back to 30 days :D


No. I wouldn't use antivirus, at all (the more you use them the more system memory you waste. and they complicate your operating systems Just wait until your system gets / feels like its running porely, and do a reboot on your operating system (if your doing accounting on your machine It really shouldn't be online in the first place)... If you want to pay for security (buy a mac).